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After a whirlwind weekend that saw our home booked for somewhere around 20 showings, we received four offers and just signed the paperwork on a purchase agreement to sell the house for considerably over the asking price. (If everything proceeds as scheduled, it’ll be a matter of public record, but for now don’t want toContinue reading “Sold!”

Goodbye, good boy

We had to say goodbye today to our beloved Houston dog. His joint and hip problems kept getting worse and worse and he wasn’t going to be able to handle either being dragged in and out of the house for showings or even to a doggie daycare. The truth is we probably let ourselves beContinue reading “Goodbye, good boy”

And the house is on the market

Well, almost. Technically it doesn’t go on MLS sites and all of that officially until Tuesday, but we signed all of the paperwork with the Realtors today and are listing the house at $360,000. Everyone says it will go quick, but we’re trying to temper expectations around here. Still it’s an exciting time. The lastContinue reading “And the house is on the market”

Going Out Of Business Sale!!!

It’s been a quiet week at the ‘ol blog here, but not for us. We’ve been working 16-hour days getting things ready for our moving/garage sale this weekend, which starts this morning. I’ve been working all day at work and then the evenings and poor Tanya has been working literally all day, but we gotContinue reading “Going Out Of Business Sale!!!”

In remembrance of 1 October

October 1st will always be a rough day for me, no matter where I may live.  Today is the third anniversary of the worst mass shooting in American history, a distinction I fear that will be surpassed in the near future, just as it didn’t take but about 14 months for the shooting at PulseContinue reading “In remembrance of 1 October”

America is now a mafia state

Wanted to share this really great interview with Sarah Kendzior, a scholar of authoritarianism who has written an excellent book recently about Donald Trump, which frames him correctly not as a “corrupt politician” but as the head of an international crime syndicate. Just take the 5 to 10 minutes to read the interview, but wantedContinue reading “America is now a mafia state”

A finished bathroom

Since I complained about the master bath being in disrepair last week should mention that it was finished up over the weekend and looks great. The current timeline for the move looks something like this: Garage/moving sale – Oct. 9 (our 16th anniversary!) and Oct. 10 House listing – Oct. 13 Until then a lotContinue reading “A finished bathroom”

A jackpot and a lesson

An interaction I had Thursday night with a Trump supporter I think is the perfect encapsulation of the issues we face as a nation even if Joe Biden wins the election and Trumpism is temporarily turned back.  In short, they have no respect for laws, no respect for rules, no respect for authority, no respectContinue reading “A jackpot and a lesson”


Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with politics. But it does describe the state of our house right now. In addition to trying to go through our belongings and throw away what we no longer need and getting ready to sell what we can at a garage sale three weeks from now,Continue reading “Chaos”

The end game for start of dismantling American democracy is now clear

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, one of the most stalwart and brave defenders of human rights in American history, has died at the age of 87 after a heroic battle against cancer. Unfortunately, that sets up a Constitutional crisis that will spell the final hope of the Republican Party repudiating fascism once and for all. Place yourContinue reading “The end game for start of dismantling American democracy is now clear”

In case you were wondering…

Since we’ve announced to our friends and family we’re pulling up stakes and moving to Mexico, we’ve gotten a lot of questions — sincerely curious and concerned questions, so I thought it best to address some of those here, more or less at the start of this journey. We covered the question of what happensContinue reading “In case you were wondering…”

What if Biden wins?

We’ve been legitimately touched by everyone who has reached out to wish us well and ask questions about our plans to sell our house and move to Mexico. The one prerequisite for this move to happen is being able to sell our house for an amount that we think is fair. Our asking price isContinue reading “What if Biden wins?”


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