Man, it’s a hot one (extreme Rob Thomas voice)

Not a picture I took, but gets across what being seven inches from the mid-day sun might be like.

Suppose I should address the elephant in the room and explain why it’s been months without a post except I really have no good explanation.

Like all things in life, it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We travelled all around the country for the better part of a month in June, I’ve been off work since then and feeling fairly aimless. Throw in a dash of depression and ennui and there you have it — a laziness soufflé.

I’ve not really had the desire to sit in front of my computer after having spent 50+ hours a week at it working a mostly dreary job for the last several years. I’ve missed the structure of being employed but haven’t missed the requirement to plop myself down in front of the desk first thing in the morning and remaining there for the better part of the day.

Summers in Puerto Vallarta are the very definition of the word sweltering. Just walking across the apartment to go to the bathroom will usually result in beadlets of sweat forming everywhere. It’s easier to do nothing or hit the pool, so depending on what time of day it is, I can usually be found doing one or the other.

It’s an adjustment, like dozens of others when you move to an unfamiliar place. It took a full year to adjust to the weather in Las Vegas, it’ll take at least the same amount of time here.

For the last month or so, COVID has been as bad in Puerto Vallarta as American hot zones like Florida and Louisiana, so we’ve not had the chance to explore as much as we would have liked anyway. There’s no “lockdowns” per se, but it’s not really worth risking a breakthrough case when most of the population here isn’t vaccinated yet and the number of new cases daily number in the hundreds (a significant amount for a city of 200,000).

So there’s a sameness to the days here which hasn’t really lended itself to sharing with anyone. The to-watch lists on Netflix, Hulu and HBOMax have been dwindling so it’s not been all wasted time (be sure to checkout The White Lotus (HBO) and the second season of Dave (Hulu) and of course, I’ll join the chorus of everyone who loves Ted Lasso (Apple TV) as well.)

I guess I’m just really ready for this pandemic to be over. That’s not a novel opinion, nor an especially controversial one, but COVID seems to weigh on everything these days, from the ability to explore our new town to politics at home to my impending job prospects, which ironically will be enhanced by COVID remaining a serious issue for awhile. (More news on this to come).

As much as it pains me, COVID being a thing for quite awhile seems very likely. The Republican strategy of wishing COVID away and punishing anyone who tries to reduce the number of cases doesn’t seem to be working.

It brings me no pleasure to read Facebook posts from March 2020 where I wrote that the pandemic will be a fact of life for 18 to 24 months. Being right is also not much of a source of joy these days, but as ever, we must soldier on and find pleasure in the small things. For me, that’s a recently booked trip to Mexico City this coming winter, getting to know our new neighbors next door and the occasional jaunt out to sample PV’s culinary delights. Last night, we went to a new southern-style restaurant with some excellent fried chicken.

The pandemic won’t last forever and neither will the COVID blues. We’ll get through this and I hope to have more regular updates in the months ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Man, it’s a hot one (extreme Rob Thomas voice)

  1. Sorry about the depression and ennui, but always love reading your updates. I hope that aspect gets better. Keep writing and sharing! Wish you well, Brian!


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