¡Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Well, that was an eventful day and a half.

Wait, I was talking about our move to Puerto Vallarta; what were you thinking of?

Unfortunately, the seditionist and insurrectionist acts of pro-Trump right-wing terrorists is not a laughing matter of course, but if you can’t laugh you gotta cry and I intend to do neither, writing this as I am from another country specifically to get away from pro-Trump morons and those who enable them.

Frankly, that’s about all I have to say about that matter. I won’t stifle myself in the future even if I’m not living in the United States. I’ve earned the right to criticize America and Americans (including the soon-to-be President, Joe Biden) when it’s called for, but part of the reason for this move was to no longer be a slave to these violent, slobbering morons like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and their dreams of a white ethnostate. Like the kids on TikTok say, I gotta live my best life.

Speaking of which, the trip here and the process of moving into our new (temporary) place went smoothly as can be expected, frankly smoother than expected and we’re happy despite getting used to the quirks of apartment/condo living again. The screaming baby upstairs that sounds less like its hungry and more like its being strangled is not something you have to deal with when you own your home^.

Las Vegas suburbs 1, Puerto Vallarta 0.

But we had a lovely dinner on the ocean last night, were able to walk to the grocery store and convenience store only a few blocks away for supplies and are settling into beachfront(-ish), emigre(-ish) living.

It still feels like vacation for now and probably will for quite awhile, maybe until the first time I have to open up my computer and login for work (so roughly about 7:30 a.m. Monday morning), but I’m going to count that as a win for now as well.

The only other observation I’ll mention for now is there is nowhere near as many American Covidiots taking advantage of slightly more lax COVID restrictions and the charming Mexican propensity to not be able to say “no” to any semi-reasonable request. Though we have not ventured very far from our new neighborhood, which is not among the most popular for American tourists.

The locals themselves are taking it very seriously as all hospital facilities in Puerto Vallarta are reportedly completely full and the Mexican government has failed as much if not more than the American one in testing and contact tracing. We are very much on our own, so in that sense if nothing else — it’s just like being in the United States.

Stay safe and here’s hoping for better days ahead — for all of us.

^ – unless you are the parent/caretaker of one I suppose.

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Your humble narrator on a hopefully epic journey.

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