Without a home during a pandemic

From USA Today

It’s been a tumultuous several weeks, but we closed the sale of our house Friday and have been spending the last several days bouncing from hotel to hotel here in Las Vegas before we fly back to Michigan to spend the holidays.

Were it not for COVID, this would much more fun of an adventure, but the pandemic has robbed it of any excitement, leaving instead only anxiousness about contracting the virus from having to eat in hotel restaurants and occasional bouts of rage-inducing apoplexy at your average idiot MAGA tourist who believe the world revolves around him and his needs (it’s almost always a “him”).

As you might expect, the kinds of folks who are traveling to Las Vegas during the worst phase of the worst pandemic in the last 100 years lean much more to the “I can do whatever the fuck I want and I dare you to tell me otherwise” side of the equation. They are regularly reminded there are rules to try and protect everyone’s health and they make a big show about how they put out they are by having to wear a piece of fabric over their drooling maw, only to have the whole kabuki theater repeat itself 10 minutes later when a different casino employee reminds them that there are rules in place to try and protect the public during a once in a century pandemic yadda yadda yadda, rinse wash and repeat.

It’s not fun for me to watch and I can’t imagine how it’s any fun for the MAGA turds in question, but it must be because it happens everywhere all the time.

Had I my choice in the matter, we would have just went to Michigan sooner, but the missus didn’t want to spend four weeks in her mother’s basement, a feeling I definitely share believe you me, but under the circumstances I’d feel a lot safer there than here. We spend most of the time in the hotel room and I still have to work during the days, so it’s not so bad, but it’s the reality of the situation when you’re without a home.

I’m being very careful not to use the word “homeless” because that has implications I’m trying to avoid, more so for the people who find themselves that way through no fault of their own or because of the harshness of our society. We have the resources and the connections to sleep very comfortably tonight and until we move to Mexico. That’s not true for millions in our country unfortunately.

I’m gonna try to get my MAGA venting mostly out of the way before we physically finish moving to Mexico, mostly for my own sanity and well-being, but also because it seems like somewhat poor form to bitch about a country you no longer live in. Like the person who grouses about his ex for years after a breakup. At some point man, just let it go. But for now I still live here and I’m stuck in this country with those idiots just like most of you. So I’ll soon have more thoughts on the crypto-fascist hellscape the Republican Party has evolved into in the days ahead. For now, I’m enjoying one final In-N-Out burger and flipping a virtual middle finger at the cruelty of late-stage capitalism mixed with the cruelty of the ignorant, uneducated masses. A toxic stew of white nationalism, cultural resentment and misdirected anger.

Good times. Stay safe and sane out there.

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