Our plans are finalized!

With the closing on the house now two weeks out and hopefully nothing standing in its way, we spent some time yesterday booking all of our travel arrangements and lodging in Puerto Vallarta for January and February.

“Finalized” in the headline is doing a lot of work in the age of COVID, where nothing is completely certain. Amongst our general fears the biggest is that Mexico could halt all travel from the United States, but with vaccines on the way and the Mexican economy dependent on the border remaining open that seems increasingly unlikely.

So that caveat aside, the next couple of months looks something like this. We have to be out of the house by Friday, December 4. We will be spending about a week bouncing around a couple hotels in Las Vegas finalizing some things including selling Tanya’s car, making sure everything is settled in storage and possibly even selling whatever else we can that we won’t need any longer.

We’ll be in Michigan over the holidays for about three weeks staying with family and hunkering down to avoid COVID and freezing cold temps (not necessarily in that order).

After the New Year, fly back from Detroit for a couple of days in Las Vegas to sell my car, say some last goodbyes and then January 6 we fly to Puerto Vallarta and take residence in our new city. We’ve rented a condo for a couple of months in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood, about five blocks from the ocean. That will give us a few weeks to try and get acclimated to our new town and find a longer-term lease on an apartment or condo.

We’re excited to get going after quite a few weeks of “hurry up and wait”. Going to try and enjoy our remaining time here, but January can’t get here fast enough.

Published by Brian

Your humble narrator on a hopefully epic journey.

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