I regret to remind you that the United States is absolutely fucked

Yay, Joe Biden won.

But the rot that exists inside the United States, mostly with brain-dead right-wingers who are spoon-fed fascist propaganda 24 hours a day by a network owned by a nihilistic, elderly Australian billionaire, is not going anywhere any time soon I assure you.

The President has gotten his fake DOJ investigation and much like a participation trophy for a third-grader playing floor hockey, it will go up on his shelf and collect dust, signifying nothing, since there was no election fraud, nothing strange, certainly nothing that resulted in Trump losing five states that he won in 2016.

Folks, this is not how healthy countries behave. Joe Biden has been more gracious than he should have been considering how mendacious supposedly grown men and women in Congress continue to act about the election results. This rhetoric is going to get people killed.

The DOJ is going to find nothing because there’s nothing there to find. Literally everyone knows this except the only person these lawsuits are intended to mollify, the toddler who resides at 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza. I feel compelled to remind you — these are the leaders of a national political party who are spreading lies and falsehoods about the election for one purpose only (other than trying to delegitimize Biden’s election, though that’s a bonus for them too) — to make sure Donald Trump’s fee fees aren’t hurt too badly by him losing an election.

This isn’t normal. None of this shit is normal. Your idiot neighbor or co-worker who believes any of this bullshit is not normal. We’re not normal. I can’t wait to fuck off out of this place forever.

Published by Brian

Your humble narrator on a hopefully epic journey.

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