Quick update/VOTE!

Yes, things have been quiet around here. With the latest surge in COVID-19 cases we’ve been holed up at home and trying to organize where we can for our move, but much like the rest of the world, we’re just waiting to see what happens with the election this week. 

For our part, we voted in-person last week (Nevada has two weeks of early voting) and now it’s the same nervousness and doom-scrolling on Twitter that it seems everyone else is doing. 

I was thinking about maybe doing a longer piece today, but I don’t know that I have the attention or the mental bandwidth at the moment. I’ll have a lot of thoughts on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning depending on which way it goes. 

I’m confident that a vast majority of Americans want to remove Donald Trump. I’m not confident that the federal courts won’t intervene on his behalf and essentially end 244 years of democracy in favor of a minority-rule apartheid state, in which case you might as well re-name the country “Trumpland”. 

But, for now, we still live in a democracy and I’m hoping for the best. If you haven’t voted yet, please get out and vote on Tuesday. Lives, especially those of the senior citizens in our country, depend on it. 

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