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After a whirlwind weekend that saw our home booked for somewhere around 20 showings, we received four offers and just signed the paperwork on a purchase agreement to sell the house for considerably over the asking price. (If everything proceeds as scheduled, it’ll be a matter of public record, but for now don’t want to jinx anything).

By the way, it was my intention all along to have this blog be a forum for some longer pieces getting into this process a little, but I’ve found this specific part (selling our home) isn’t really terribly interesting to anyone except ourselves really. No one needs or cares to know what an ordeal it is to prepare a home for sale. You’ve either done it yourself and know all too well or don’t care.

And that’s fine! Truthfully, I don’t think anyone is terribly interested in the nuts and bolts of the sale of anyone’s home, especially mine. But hoping to tackle some topics in the coming weeks like what it’s been like to live in Las Vegas, the process of what goes into moving overseas and then eventually of course, what it’s like to live in Mexico.

For now, you get intermittent updates and random crap (for the most part).

Our timeline now looks something like this:

•House closes escrow/we have to be out – Dec. 4

•Fly to Michigan for the holidays/have somewhere to live until next year – approximately Dec. 13 (the time in between will be some decompressing, some farewells, selling our vehicles and anything else we don’t want to keep in storage, etc.)

•Fly back to Las Vegas to finalize anything that needs finalizing (more on this in the weeks ahead for those of you who like teasers) – approximately Jan. 3

•Fly to Mexico – approximately Jan. 5

All those dates are up in the air still though as the process of selling or buying a home even after a purchase price has been agreed on can be full of roadblocks, so we’re going to try and stay positive and keep getting ready for this move.

For now, we’re celebrating an exciting day!

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3 thoughts on “Sold!

  1. Congratulations!! I knew it would sell quickly.. it is a great house, in a great location! If you and Tanya have any free time while you are in MI, would love to see you both and podemos charlar en espanol (sorry… no tilde…I still haven’t memorized the special character codes on my laptop)

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  2. So happy for you guys! Getting a house ready for sale is no easy feat. And I’m so jealous that you get to spend Christmas in Michigan. But Mexico will be awesome too. Holding our breathe here for election results.


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