Goodbye, good boy

Caught lounging earlier in the summer, 2020.

We had to say goodbye today to our beloved Houston dog. His joint and hip problems kept getting worse and worse and he wasn’t going to be able to handle either being dragged in and out of the house for showings or even to a doggie daycare. The truth is we probably let ourselves be blinded to the fact he’s been getting worse for quite awhile, but we didn’t want to say goodbye.

We adopted Houston in May 2018 after learning that he had been at the adoption shelter for 18 months. You’d think that would mean that he wasn’t friendly or didn’t like being around people very much, but nothing could be further from the truth. For the life of me I don’t know why anyone didn’t want to adopt him (other than his age) because he’s one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever known. We had a good idea we made a good choice when all of the shelter staff (and I mean everyone who was there came by to say goodbye to him and tell us what a good boy he is.)

He loved attention from people, so much so that if you tried to stop petting him he was apt to stick his head and lift up your hand until you’d start back up again or follow you around the room if you walked away. He ended up being very choosy about food (you can probably mostly blame Tanya for that one), but it might be just as well because he was the most flatulent dog I’ve ever known. More than once he cleared us out of the living room while watching TV as a family.

And he was a loyal guard dog to Tanya, overprotective whenever another dog would get anywhere near her which meant even if not for the bad hips and joints, long walks would have been more or less out of the question. So we adapted and made sure to take him for car rides until discovering that he would get so excited during car rides he would often poop.

So we adapted to that quirk as well and try to walk him around the front yard for as long as it took him to relieve himself if we wanted to take him for a ride. He was funny, brave, tough, loyal and lovable. Anything you could ever want in a dog and more. Anyone who had the chance to adopt him in those 18 months and didn’t is an idiot.

Houston (aka Bubba, aka Bubbasaurus): Say hi to Sydney, Willie, Larry and Zeke and one of these days we’ll see all of you guys again ourselves.

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