What if Biden wins?

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We’ve been legitimately touched by everyone who has reached out to wish us well and ask questions about our plans to sell our house and move to Mexico. The one prerequisite for this move to happen is being able to sell our house for an amount that we think is fair. Our asking price is fair (we believe), so that doesn’t seem to be a stumbling block, but the most common question we’ve gotten is — will your plans change if Joe Biden is elected president in November?

We’re going to do everything in our power for the next eight weeks to make sure that happens, but obviously it’s out of our control.

This piece by Jonathan Chait in New York Magazine does a good job of explaining that the election of Joe Biden is not a cure-all for what ails the body politic in the United States. Nor is that going to be the case for society at large.

Yes, we are moving because of the implications of what a second term in office for Donald Trump will bring, but the well is already poisoned regardless of the election outcome. There are millions of Americans who legitimately believe that the Democratic Party is a front for human trafficking and pedophilia. Those beliefs are only going to be validated further by a Biden victory, no matter how legitimate and convincing it may be.

The United States of America has become a nasty, brutish place. Tens of millions have gotten a taste for fascism and aren’t going to fall in line under a Biden presidency. Those people own a lot of guns and they’re itching to use them.

Are we physically in danger regardless of either outcome in November? Probably not. We’re white, middle class, live in a diverse working-class neighborhood in a solidly liberal city. But that misses the point. I don’t like what this country has become and a single election isn’t going to change that.

When Tanya and I visited Thailand in July 2018, the sensation of being thousands of miles away from the United States was a literal physical relief. I no longer felt the weight or dread of daily life. Even a quick glance at the news from the United States evinced nothing in response. I couldn’t even tell you what happened here those two weeks. We visited Puerto Vallarta in January to look at several neighborhoods in anticipation of this move and the sensation was the same.

To be sure, the news will be less of a daily torture under a Biden administration, but the problem isn’t the news. If it were that easy, I’d just ignore it (to the extent that is possible, which is not very if you’re an engaged citizen). The problem isn’t the news, it’s the people.

Sorry if that’s a little depressing. The mission of this blog isn’t going to be to traffic in political hand-wringing or to score easy points on pathetic QAnon-ers, but mostly to describe what it’s like to separate yourself from your homeland. That said, a little political hand-wringing is going to be hard to avoid in the next eight weeks and while we’re still living in the United States. But no matter what happens in eight weeks, if we sell our house, we’re out of here.

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